The Launch!

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After finding ourselves making Soy candles for ourselves and then family in 2020 the last thing we expected we would be doing is setting ourselves up as a business selling Mineral and Vegetable Wax candles, but, we are here!

It has been a whirlwind of learning and all set up due to not get the freshness of the outdoors when we were not allowed to leave the house for longer than an hour a day only for exercise. We realised that the candles we were buying along with diffusers just weren't giving us that tranquil feeling we really wanted and instead of trying to get through to the big players and ask them to change, we decided to set ourselves up a candle making lab in our kitchen, and then our garage and now we are on a slightly larger scale here in West Sussex! 

Well thank you all for your incredible support throughout all of this and we look forward to speaking/ meeting you in the near future to hear your invaluable feedback be it from what packaging you would like to see through to scents you'd like to smell!

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