The New Kid On The Block

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Yes, yes we know! Sometimes being the new kid in the class is hard but we are finding it all a bit of a crazy, fun rollercoaster at the moment! 

So we have now been operating as a business properly for 6 months now and have learnt so much about ourselves, what our customers typically value as part of their home relaxation experience and marketing! 

It is incredible how so many of our suppliers are such amazing people and can genuinely call some of them our friends who have also been enjoying our ride as well. We learnt that no matter what barriers fall in our way, there is always a way forward, albeit with a little detour sometimes. 

You, our customers have also been so amazing with your feedback and letting us know when at events or sending us messages on social media about your thoughts on our core scents that we have at the moment and what you are looking for in the next part of our journey which is just awesome. We love being so engaged with our customers and really hope that you too enjoy being part of the journey but the reason we started this is because we wanted to improve some of the high street scents but there was no way we could speak to anyone and give this feedback! 

Finally, marketing! Wow, we entered this wanting to share our story and help you see behind the scenes of our inspiration. Well, we didn't realise there are algorithms etc that we need to consider and ensure that we are posting daily to give "the algorithm (and hopefully the people) what they want"! We have great fun seeing everyones posts that we are tagged in and also making the content for the instagram page and if you don't follow us already, would love for you to follow us and let us know what you think! 

Now back to the grind and we have something new that hopefully we can share with you soon - keep tuned!

Quay Team

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