Where does the inspiration come from?

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We are slightly unique for a Candle Company! Well we are being slightly modest, we are really unique! 

Why do we say that? Well we have not met many candle makers on our journey yet that are inspired by the outdoors. It is always an interesting thing to be inspired by I guess, especially when we get questions like "why would anyone want the smell of the outdoors in their home when all they want to do is relax?" which we get in our DM's a fair bit.  

Well we are not looking to bring in any of the smog or dense feeling that you can get in a city, we are inspired by Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), predominantly close to Dell Quay which is situated on the South Downs in the United Kingdom. We also travel all over the UK to hike, swim, sail, climb, paddle, cycle and discover the beauty the UK has to offer, not only in views that we come across, but also scents! 

It is with this exploration that we manage to find some of the most incredible smells throughout the seasons around the year that we look to harness and bring in to our scents. It has actually got some of the team thinking too that further down the line it would be great to add more beautiful things in to the range such as diffusers or even wear a part of the outdoors somewhere. It's a fair old way in the distance yet as we continue to grow our scents but it's always good to have some ambition! :P

We always love hearing your feedback from the candles and thankful for so much of your support. Without you, we wouldn't have ever thought we could be doing what we are today! 

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