About Us


Hello and Welcome to Quay Candle Company!

We are a duo based in the South of England in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the South Downs. With a wealth of experience from the luxury sector and a desire to have a scent in the home which is as refreshing and relaxing as visiting some of the beautiful places around not just the South of England, but some of the most remote parts of the United Kingdom that we have experienced when Hiking, Swimming, Sailing, Climbing, Paddling in some of these special areas. 

We started producing Soy candles during the lockdown in 2020 where we then discovered the brilliance of Mineral and Vegetable Waxes and their unique ability to hold the true scents and throw them around a room when hot or cold!   who started making candles during lockdown during the pandemic and started making Soy Candles and playing with the different scents that we actually missed when we were not allowed to leave our homes for longer than an hour for exercise.

Since this time we have grown from strength to strength just via word of mouth which we are so incredibly proud and thankful of and we want to continue to grow the scents we offer and stay true to the reason we launched in the first place and produce scents that are refreshing and tranquil.