Mineral & Vegetable Wax

When experimenting with scents we were originally using Soy Wax which was a fantastic wax to work with but as we continued we felt that the throw of the scents given when cold weren't as strong as we had hoped. We came across an opportunity to try using Mineral and Vegetable Wax which we decided to start experimenting with. The blend is refines the natural raw products in to the highest possible standards and as a result of being natural means that it is 100% vegan. And that was the true start of our premium Mineral Candle Wax range!  

We started producing candles as we found that being outdoors during lockdown really proved to us how relaxing it is to have fresh air and varying scents. We really wanted to bring these fresh and lush fragrances from the outdoors in to our homes and following our experience in the Luxury sector we wanted to ensure these were as higher quality as they could possibly be. We found that Mineral and Vegetable wax had the best threw of the essences we place in the candles when hot and cold, all the way through the candles life (which is typically something that not all candles are able to do, especially those bought in supermarkets and typically based with Paraffin).

After many, many, many trials we finally managed to find the perfect balance of our scents. Typically in the industry between 7-13% of essence/ fragrance are used, any more than 13% and this causes the wax to club together and not produce a smooth burn, any less than 7% and the scent is hard to distinguish.

Burn time was also important as we knew with the premium materials we were using our price point was going to be slightly higher than those in supermarkets etc so we had to ensure people got great value for money. Therefore with this essence and our innovative way of producing the candles we can ensure that a 200g candle can burn up to 40 hours as long as the candle is well cared for (check out our Candle Care section) which is the same as some of the top high street branded candles.