Our Statement

Join us on the Quay!

We are really pleased to invite you into the Quay family and continuing with us on our journey to provide the best scents for your home and taking all reasonable steps to trade and be responsible in the process.

We are very much a small business at our heart and don’t confess to know it all by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore, we really do welcome your feedback be it packaging that you think would be better for our products or a must have scent that you’d love to have in your home. We are excited for the future and excited for you to be part of it!


We are always going to be true to our roots and ensure that we are selling products of the highest quality and inspired by the great outdoors in the United Kingdom.

Our customers are very much at the core of what we do and appreciate that you place a lot of trust in us to ensure you have the highest quality of product in your hands. We also understand that we need to ensure that we ensure we get the best possible materials at the best (and fairest) price as we want to ensure our suppliers and their suppliers get the fairest possible price for their product and skill to procure such fine materials and produce the high-grade products that they do. All whilst ensuring that we continue to guarantee that our pricing remains competitive whilst we continue to grow our ranges and expand our coverage.