Al Fresco Diffuser

Al Fresco Diffuser

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What better than living an Al Fresco lifestyle? Nature truly  tantalises us out of the house and out to see some incredible sights (and scents) and never seizes to surprise us by what it has to offer. And it is for exactly this reason we decided to harness a little bit of Al Fresco and pour it in to some glass to that you can enjoy it when you have some down time! The Al Fresco scent truly brings the senses awake with a deliciously enlightening base of Blood Orange essential oil - perfect for releasing those endorphins! 

The general aroma won’t disappoint either - with fresh notes of Citrus and Bergamot intertwined together with a hint of Jasmine, it truly is a happy citrus scent that will be sure to get you refreshed and ready for what the rest of the day has to bring. 

Our diffusers have been through thorough testing and we are pleased to say has past with flying colours which has earned it the seal of Quay Candle Company! 

You can expect our diffuser to last approximately 12 weeks and we recommend turning the reeds every 1-2 weeks to ensure the highest performance of your diffuser.  

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