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Citronella Premium Candle

Citronella Premium Candle

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Are you fed up with flies trying to become the next food reviewer when you are just trying to enjoy a food Al Fresco? Well worry no more, we have the solution for you! 

The Citronella candle has a subtle Lemon scent to it which is generally enough to keep most flies at bay whilst you can tuck in and enjoy your lovely food on offer! These candles are a great accessory to have whilst camping, at the beach having a picnic, at home on your garden table or, you may just spot us in a restaurants garden near you! 


Burn Time

90g - Whilst we would normally rate our candles to have a long burn time indoors, with these outdoor candles factors such as the wind do effect the burn time. However, we would at least expect you to have approximately 15 hours of enjoyment from these candles.  

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