Jamboree Premium Candle
Jamboree Premium Candle
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Jamboree Premium Candle

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It's time to celebrate with Jamboree, no matter what the occasion. We are lucky to have so many occasions celebrated and enjoyed all around the Harbour and Downs near us. On the harbour you get people coming celebrating their achievements, weddings, start of their holidays or just to mark the start of the weekend!

On the Downs maybe it’s a picnic to take in the beautiful rolling hills or maybe it’s watching the horses galloping around the local racetrack! Jamboree is a vibrant, sparkling and irresistible scent inspired by those vintage champagnes used to mark so many happy celebrations and is quite simply is divine.

It fits in when relaxing thanks to the base scent of Vanilla and heart notes of Rose, Jasmine and Lily. Be it in the bath or possibly on the mantelpiece in your living room whilst having a cosy night in or having family and friends around helped by  !



40 hours burn time 


Candle care – before lighting for first time, trim the wick to avoid the flame from spitting and dropping soot on the wax. For even burning - recommendation: burn for 1 -2 hours minimum each time to prevent a well forming in the centre of your candle.