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The Downs Premium Candle

The Downs Premium Candle

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Warm, comforting and deliciously mellow, The Downs candle captures the beautiful freshness of this unique Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. From hill top views, chalk paths, deep forests and handmade camps with comforting camp fires in the centre.

The Downs candle transports you in to the lush scents of the great outdoors by introducing a soft harmony of Green Fig with a crisp Walnut hint lurking deep within. As you step further in to this fresh scent the Almond and Amber notes complete the lovely woody base that encompasses all that is great about the British Countryside. 

Made from Vegan Waxes comprising of Mineral Waxes which are renowned for their ability to hold a scent all the way through a Candles lifetime when lit or unlit as well as Soy Wax which is synonymous of the incredibly long and clean burn times seen with our products.

These premium blend candles, made with love and inspired by the very best nature has to offer are a true indulgence fresh using a very premium blend challenging those current High Street names. Handpoured close to the Quay in Sussex, England. 


approx. 40 hours burn time 


approx. 17 hours burn time


Candle Care – before lighting for first time, trim the wick to avoid the flame from spitting and dropping soot on the wax. For even burning - recommendation: burn for 1 -2 hours minimum each time to prevent a well forming in the centre of your candle and ensure it is kept away from significant drafts. 

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