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Candle Wick Trimmer

Candle Wick Trimmer

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When you buy a candle it is recommended that you ensure your wick is between 0.6-1cm long. By ensuring it is this long will mean that when burning the Wick will not produce excess debris which would need clearing to prevent an uneven burn.

Other benefits of keeping a wick trimmed is it will prevent the candle from sooting around the edge of the container and also reduce the amount of smoke being emitted from other brands candles with various quality wicks.

Ultimately, an untrimmed wick can result in the candle burning too hot which can mean that the Candle burns quicker which reduces the overall burn time of the candle and also potentially effect the throw of the fragrance too. 

Our Trimmers can also be used for smaller candles where the wick can sometimes fall to the bottom of a container and these can be used (lightly) to retrieve a wick from the bottom of the container. 

Wick trimmers really are a great accessory to have to ensure candles are cared for and with the intricate design on our trimmer matching our dipper it results in a fantastic set where you'd be covered for any candle eventuality! 

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